Sisters, friends, blessed.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Berry Pickers

We spent a beautiful Saturday morning picking strawberries together! We've picked black cap raspberries, blueberries, and even cherries together, but we've never picked 'strawbs' (thats what Piper used to call them when she was little!) together.  Hadley set right to work filling her own bucket.
Piper hung close to Kyle for a little support, but certainly picked her share of berries as well.
And I held Bryndel pretty much the entire time, as the kid could NOT get enough berries!  We probably should have weighed her beforehand and then afterward along with our berry buckets!

By the end, the two big sisters were off picking their own crop while taste testing a few as well :)

What a perfect summer morning.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lake Weekend

Despite the recent incessant MN rain, we were blessed with the perfect recipe for swimming, boating, and sitting on the porch at Grandma & Grandpa's lake home this weekend!  Ahhhhhh.
Piper started the weekend out right... with a sleepover complete with swimming, dilly bars, visits to her great grandparents, rescuing chipmunks from the pool, and bike rides just her and Grandma & Grandpa!!  She LOVED it!

Much to Bryndel & Hadley's delight we were greeted not only by Piper, but also Kenzie & Cylas when we arrived Friday afternoon! 

Tried our hand at a little fishing Saturday morning, before heading into the pool!
Bryndel wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but eventually 'warmed' right up thanks to Grandma & Grandpa's heated pool :)
Hadley probably spent more time under water than above, and Piper spent so much time swimming around with that noodle that she got 'noodle pit' (rug burned armpits, ouch!).

After a fabulous afternoon in the pool, we headed out for a leisurely (a no-wake provision was put in place due to the extreme rainfall!) boat ride on our way out for dinner. Bryndel seemingly handled her lifejacket much better this summer, whew.

We topped the day off with a walk to check out all of that local flooding.

And of course, the girls got in a Sunday morning swim with a giant shark, otherwise known as Grandpa.  It was the perfect weekend at the lake.  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa, We love you!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

For the Love of a Sister

Earlier this week, we came to the end of an era.  The last of the leisure mornings with just the two 'little' sisters.  And while we are SO thrilled to have Hadley back home with us for the summer, it has been special for both Piper & Bryndel to have some bonding time just the two of them...

But, as you can see, both of the 'little' sisters are jazzed, to say the least, to have their best buddy back home for those leisure mornings :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Some great but random end of the school year friend photos... The '3 Stooges'  - Owen, Piper, & Ty.  Hard to believe they are all Kindergarten bound come fall (sniff, sniff).  I have really valued the friendship of two such kind and adventurous boys for Piper to learn and grow with.

Ty's little brother Maddox is one of Bryndel's favorite people to hang out with :)   

Below - celebrating Erin's birthday on the beach, Leslie style... with all that great decor!.

Kyle & his friend Randy are bound by their love for hunting.  They've already shared it with their oldest kiddos - Hadley, Piper, Blake, & Bennett, but I think Bryndel & Marlee have found friendship before hunting, ha! 
Doesn't it look like they already love playing with one another?
Little end of the school year picnic!  Owen & Piper hiding behind the cotton candy.

Couple of Hadley's good buddies, Sydney, and Rebecca below.

What a great school year we've been blessed with.  Good friends, good teachers, and good fun.