Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas at Home

It was a lovely Christmas at home! (Despite nearly all of us being a bit under the weather, and having to postpone our trip up North to be with Kyle's family - bummer!)  
Kyle had some great 'help' in the kitchen Christmas Eve!
Even though she had double pink eye (thankfully, her mild version of the flu/cold going around our house), Bryndel was one happy Christmas baby!
Christmas sister buddies!
I am not in any of the Christmas Eve pictures, as I was fighting off yet another bout of mastitis.  Kyle wanted me in the photo in my PJs with a thermometer in my mouth, but I refuse to subject anyone to that, ha!

Hadley modeling her very own legwarmers Christmas morning.
Piper proudly holding 'thee frog', Kermie.

And the highlight of Christmas morning were these hilarious coaster cars that the girls drove all day in our unfinished basement! And if they weren't driving the cars, they were playing in the giant box they came in, ha!
Don't be alarmed if you drive by our house late at night, and see the basement lights on though, as Kyle & I may be just testing out the cars to make sure they are still working properly (they are SO much fun!).
We are reminded again & again, of how much we have to be thankful for during this season, and all the year long really.  Especially, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is always a point of reflection for me, thinking back to all we've done in the past year, and as usual there are SO many moments I wish we could go back and do again in slow motion.  Like...lying on the beach with Kyle last winter, watching Hadley come out of Kindergarten on the first day all smiles, holding Piper's hand going into her Christmas program last week, seeing the big sisters meet Bryndel at the hospital, having Bryndel placed in my arms for the first time, seeing the life come back into Hadley's eyes after she'd been so sick with the flu and pneumonia, watching Piper adapt to Hadley being gone all day and Bryndel being here all day, and on & on. 

I know the New Year is supposed to be a time for resolutions and plans for the future, but I have fallen into that trap before, of wishing for the next great moment or the next great plan, when really it is NOW that is important. And if I don't take the time to appreciate it, I will miss it. So, here's to appreciating all that God has in store for us here and now, today. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Piper's Party Program

It was Piper's turn to shine at her Christmas 'Party Program' this past Thursday, and did she ever!   Even walking into school with her was special.  She held my hand ever so tightly, and with her eyes squeezed shut, face tipped to the sky she excitedly caught snowflakes on her tongue.  I could have watched her forever.  

And no, she is not standing on a different (higher) riser than the rest of her class in that row :)

Unfortunately, Bryndel and I were the only ones able to see her perform, as Kyle & Hadley were both home sick.  This time with an upper respiratory flu (K) and pneumonia (H; those calls to the Royal Family are really racking up our phone bill, ha!).  I guess it is par for the course, considering I missed Hadley's program this year due to sickness as well!  Despite being sick a lot lately, we have SO much to be thankful this Christmas season!  We are hunkered in now, getting healthy, and anxiously awaiting Jesus's birthday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Months

I have learned a lot in my first 4 months as an Anderson sister...

For starters, even though Piper insists on being a different kind of 'animal' each day (e.g., hamster, snake, mouse, snail, etc.) she can't fool me, I'd know those blond curls tickling my face any day!  

And for some reason, I think my sister, Hadley, gets sick a lot!  Its weird but she's not really the same happy buddy then.  I hate it when she's sick cause my mom won't let her near me. Come on, Mom, I love Hadley!  

On a brighter note, there are these crazy sparkly trees in our house right now?  Have you seen them?  They are beautiful! And I loooooove looking at them; they make me feel so happy & content.  They seem to make my mom want to sing to me, and then her eyes sparkle!  

Speaking of her, I love how she smells, like coconut lotion mixed with my milky spit up.  Its a heavenly smell, and it makes me drool ALL over her shoulder.  She doesn't seem to mind, as she still snuggles me tight and smooches me incessantly. (PS - I think my eyes are turning the same color as hers!)

And then there's this really tall guy that comes around in the evenings, he makes me SO happy.  I mean, really, how can you not smile and flirt with such a funny and good looking guy?  

I am also really good at making funny & loud noises now, I still sleep ALL night long in my bed (it feels soooo good), and I even rolled from my tummy to my back one time, but it felt so scary I am trying to get up the courage to try it again (ha!).  

I am really excited for Christmas, as I have red Christmas shoes just like my big sisters!  And I am especially anxious to see my my cousin buddy Cylas, who apparently still needs a little help understanding my memo on 'How to Sleep Through the Night'!  

On a final note, I am growing strong and healthy, praise God!  Apparently I am long like my sister, Piper was, and kinda smallish like my Grandma Graham, my mom, and sister, Hadley were.  My tear ducts have even mostly opened!

Merry Christmas!
The Littlest Anderson Sister 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

From one of their favorite Christmas stories right now, The Spirit of Christmas, by Nancy Tilman... 

"And so then, my darling, wherever you roam, 
may you always be safe... may you always come home.

For as long as the world still spins and still hums, 
wherever you are, and no matter what comes,

the best part of Christmas will always be...
You beneath my Christmas tree."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Day

Who doesn't love a snow day!  It is a gorgeous winter wonderland around here, and we are loving it!  The house even seems brighter with all of the snow glimmering in through our windows.  The girls started the snowy fun out last night already by going sledding with Kyle at the Land.  It was a bit of an adventure to say the least, as there was glare ice under the snow making it really difficult to drive the truck out of there...2 tractors (which means 2 different willing and patient farmers) and many hours later they made it home.  Whew.  But did they ever have fun!
Could they be having any more fun in a snow covered sled!?!  Notice how its the little sister who got the crazy front position and white washed face!
And today they've been doing a lot of this - eating snow! 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a busy but FUN weekend at home with the girls.  Saturday morning started out with Kyle, Hadley, & Piper attending the Angel Breakfast at Piper's preschool.  It is always such a nice way to get into the true spirit of the Christmas season.  

Then it was on to preparations for Hadley's (belated due to deer hunting, then Thanksgiving, & then the flu!), Princess Birthday Party! 
Hadley's only request was that her classmates come in either a princess costume or a fancy dress, 'Just not their school uniform, as that is not fancy!' They were either crafting, playing, or dancing together happily. (Malia, Lilly, Bernie, Hadley, Abby, Rebecca, & Piper)
And they thoughtfully & easily welcomed Piper into the party as well.

Bryndel did quite well despite the volume level of 7 little girls running around.  Note her smile in the picture below... it is not because I am holding her, but because her Dad is looking at her!  She adores him, and will flirt with him whenever he's around!

Advent Program

Hadley had her first school program this past Thursday evening, and it was a beautiful Advent Celebration.  Kyle was a Superhero Dad and not only got both big sisters fed & dressed (I did do their hair), he then braved the packed church with all 3 of the beauties.  I was, as Hadley would say, 'Calling the Royal Family', uck!  But Hadley sang beautifully, Piper watched patiently, and Bryndel managed to stay happy until the very end.  As bad as the flu was, it was so much worse having to miss her Kindergarten Christmas program.  Thankfully I have such a Superhero Husband to have managed it all, and even got a picture of Hadley as well :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Christmas came early again this year as our friend, Cyndy, came for a visit and spoiled the girls rotten!  The majority of her visit was spent trying out Hadley's new scrap-booking kit from Cyndy.  Hadley has spent several hours since adding more pages, as Piper carefully watches on giving her suggestions (of which Hadley usually takes well, but has also done exactly the opposite likely in an effort to bug her little sister!  Sisterly love!).