Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Anderson Hugs

We spent yesterday getting some much needed Anderson hugs! First at the nursing home with Grandpa A...

And then on the farm with Auntie Kara, Uncle Frank, Uncle Scott, and Grandma A!

It was a beautiful day for hugs :) 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Vacation 2015 - Minocqua

We embarked on our 6th annual summer family vacation this past week, and took in beautiful Minocqua in North Eastern Wisconsin.  Despite chilly temperatures and some serious rain, we had a wonderful time just being together.  Highlights included:

Beach Time - We knew our first day out was going to be the warmest, so we found a quaint little beach and took in the sun!

Mini Golfing - Knowing the rain was soon coming our way, we were the first and only golfers out there the next morning.  But did we ever have fun!  Bryndel has never golfed.  So, we all showed her 'how its done' on the first hole.  And then with a little help from Kyle, she showed us how its done!  She got a hole in one, ha!

Piper used her golf lessons from this summer to birdie a couple holes!

And we were just happy Hadley didn't lose her ball, ha!

Found time to warm up at Paul Bunyan's cook shanty.

Swimming - Thankfully, the resort pool was indoors!  It was the perfect place to be on several cold & rainy mornings.
That's Hadley, me, & Piper :)

Hiking - Taking in a little fresh air between rain showers.  This trail happened to lead right into town near the fudge shop :)

Fishing - Kyle & the girls heard of a local fishing hot spot.  Sure enough, in just a little over an hour, we pulled in 22 sunfish and had a blast!

Both Bryndel & Hadley were quick to kiss the fish the way Grampie always does!  Piper was content to watch (me too).

By the time they were done, Hadley & Piper were setting the hook and reeling in their own fish!

Zoo - Much to Hadley's delight, we came upon the same giant zoo we visited three years ago when we vacationed in Eagle River (I was very pregnant with Bryndel at the time).  

Piper was initially pretty startled by the bird house (who wouldn't with a bird on your head)!
But definitely warmed up, showing us just how much she's grown in three years time :)

Bryndel was not quite so sure, but we'll give her another three years and see how much she's grown.

She did, however, LOVE feeding the baby deer.  And sobbed when it was time to leave.

Only my husband.  
Family Togetherness - It has been a different kind of summer.  One in which 'family' has taken on a whole new meaning.  One that we never ever want to take for granted. One that we want to celebrate and honor and enjoy.  Praise God for this beautiful little family He's blessed us with :)

And yes, Anderson family vacation rules were adhered too.  Even on rainy cold days, ice cream was eaten :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Extra Birthday Fun

We celebrated August birthdays with Cyndy between Piper & Bryndel's big days! Who says you can't have ice cream at 10 am?!
On Bryndel's actual birthday, we had Kyle's Aunt Bev & Uncle Clark visiting us from Washington!  The girls were enthralled (Hadley especially) with Clark's origami skills, as well has his impromptu sing along :)

Between Piper & Bryndel's birthdays, I was blessed with a wedding dress shopping date for Paige!!!  Kim, Brooke, soon to be Paige's mother & sister-in-law, friend Erin, the beautiful bride, & Kara

Piper got a new bike for her birthday! 
She LOVES the new speed, but did see the pavement up close and personal already.  Rats!
Bryndel trying to keep up with those biking big sisters.
After having enjoyed a few tomatoes from the garden :)
And on Piper's actual birthday, we spent time with friends lakeside.  Hadley fell in fully clothed, hehe.  No one was suprised :)  I love August!