Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool Dad

Our dad, is the coolest dad.  And don't we know it!
He knows how to cuddle!

How to build the coolest backyard forts.
How to shoot a bow and teach us!
Takes us to caves (which Mom wouldn't dream of entering)!
Loves to take time to stop and smell, I mean see the elk.
Reads to us ALL the time!

Takes us on golf ball hunting adventures (finding 1200+ balls!).
But most importantly, he loves on us like no other.
We are blessed!
We love you, Daddy!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The 'Helper'

I have a 'helper' these days.  Pretty much where ever I go, she's 'helping' me along with anything she can get her little hands on.  Here she is 'helping' me in the kitchen the other morning...


We spent a beautiful, albeit cool, fall afternoon picking apples yesterday.  Hadley & Piper wasted no time nestling into the trees with a good crisp one, while Bryndel signed apple repeatedly nearly crying until given another bite of an apple!

It was a great way to spend the afternoon as a family (and my birthday as well!).

Sunday, October 6, 2013

'Yike my sistows'

We were blessed this weekend with our annual fall visit from Nathan, Heidi, Kenzie & Cylas!  All five little cousins wasted no time upon arrival becoming fast friends.  Kenzie even told Heidi that her cousins are 'Yike my sistows.'  Could she be any sweeter? 
These two were darling to watch play together!  They tooled around furniture together, poked each other's faces, and smiled non-stop at one another.

While the rain took over WI, the girls happily crafted together at the kitchen table.

And danced up a storm in the playroom (and made quite the fort in the basement!).
By late afternoon, the rain let up with just enough time for us to sneak on over to a pumpkin patch.  Kenzie seemingly enjoyed the animals as much as Hadley always does (as did Cylas, he was however, just as thrilled with all of Kyle's mounted animals!).

We finished out the weekend with a beautiful morning out in God's sunshine! 
What a blessing it is to have such special little cousins to make memories with!  We love you, Graham Family!