Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer in Photos

Just when I think I've seen it all, the girls surprise me with something else they've found to do together, the three of them :)  This is a random collection of funnies from the summer, as well as random fun outings.  This would be a Candy Store in the living room.
Apparently Bryndel 'broke' her arm, and Dr.Hadley and her assistant are taking good care of her.

Bryndel's first 'people' drawing, hehe. I like how its probably way past breakfast and she's still walking around in her Pjs and bib, hehe.  Summer is the best!

Here it is up close - can you see the eyes, nose, smile, arms, neck, and legs?  She said his name was Oscar.  

Grandpa caught this great pic at their pool. The mouth is always open and the arms always up!
Porch picnic.

This was a Zoo. 'Sleepy' the buck had his own fenced in enclosure on the couch :).

Bryndel getting her nails done at the 'Booty' (Beauty) Salon.
Me, being weird after I cut my ponytail off to donate to Beautiful Lengths in honor of Dad's bald head :)

Park Mondays - trying to see how many different parks we can see this summer.
Feeding the ducks downtown.

Picking blueberries with friends, just today!  I LOVE summer.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Lots of Love

The girls were showered with love this past week.  Early in the week, Grandma popped in for a visit while Grandpa was off fishing in Canada!  They did all sorts of fun projects with Grandma.

Near the end of the week, we traveled down to spend time with a bunch of really special Grahams. The girls thoroughly enjoyed swimming with Katie and her kiddos!
Not to mention Aunt Nancy, Grandma, Aunt Patty, Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Joan!

Finished out the evening with a little reading time with Grammie.
And the mighty fishermen arrived home a day early much to our delight!

The girls were thrilled to find Grampie when they woke Saturday morning, and headed right out to do some gardening with him.
Piper and Grandma did some serious flower gardening.
Hadley (& Piper) got to help Grandpa make an amazing veggie juice.
Topped the day off with swimming in the pool, and then a boat ride over for dinner.  Ahhhh.

On Sunday we got to visit my cousin Sarah, home from Uganda, at a lovely little party at Dave & Kristin's.  


The weekend of 'love' was further topped off by a special visit from Uncle Kurt & Auntie Anne!  We got in a good and sweaty hike out at the land before they headed back to Alaska early this morning. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

An Anderson 4th of July

Thanks to Anne's generous family, we were treated to a beautiful 4th of July day lake side! 
On our front porch, just before we loaded up for the fun day.

Quick glimpse of Hayden & Tyler before they headed off to slay Northerns and Bass all day!
Beautiful Alaska women - Bethany, Kennedy, & Anne
A whole crew of happy sunbathers!
Sydney, Kennedy, & Ava keeping cool.
Cole, Paige, Bryndel & Luke catching some shade. 
Kurt, Kraig & Kyle sharing some laughs in the water.

Brooke, Kim, & Bryndel venturing in a little.
Frank, Bryndel & Kara being water buddies.

Paige, Hadley, Piper & Kyle heading out for a tube ride!

Hadley trying out her new prescription googles.

Piper tried out a few of her new swimming lesson skills.

And Bryndel played, flirted, shared, talked to just about anybody who came her way.  She even warmed to Cole :)

Adventuresome Ava jumping in!
Ava & Hadley making a splash together!
The delightful day was capped off by a little Anderson vs. Anderson volleyball game. From left to right - Tyler, Ava, Cole, Kennedy, Brooke, Hayden, Paige, & Luke
Thanks for a wonderful 4th of July day!