Sisters, friends, blessed.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Things that make you go...

Ahhhhhh!  For me, its the scent of freshly washed sheets in the gorgeous spring air we've finally come across!

For Hadley & Piper, I think its safe to say that just being able to FINALLY play with one another outside makes them feel all happy inside!  (This was a non-posed picture! They were truly just so happy that they put their arms around each other!)
For Bryndel, I think it was trying out her swing for the first time.  She just giggled and giggled, especially when Hadley & Piper pushed her!

And we also got to celebrate Paige's birthday at the end of this week.  More of an, Awww, as it could potentially be the last time we get to do this (she graduates in December!).

Monday, April 22, 2013

MN Fun

While our house was inundated with turkeys, err I mean turkey hunters this weekend, the four of us girls made our first trip to MN without Kyle.  The girls got right down to business with Grandma whipping up a delicious dessert (I LOVE how Piper is standing on her chair, and Hadley has just plain old climbed right up onto the counter to get to the frosting!)
Grandpa read us his new favorite children's book (This Is Not My Hat, by Jon Klassen), and I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more!
As soon as Kenzie arrived, it was Hadley's turn to read to us. She chose her favorite children's book (Any Piggie & Elephant by Mo Willems).
The littlest cousin buddies were happy to see each other once again, and were tickled to sit up and look at one another this time!  Cylas 'tickled' Bryndel's feet a few times, and she pinched his ear a little later when they were lying next to each other!

Nothing better than Grandma love.

When the other Graham cousins arrived Saturday afternoon, we all went outside to enjoy the beautiful attempt at spring weather.  That's Hadley launching off the dock into the snow.
Followed by Piper, who has never been brave enough to jump by herself!

Little time out from all the jumping (and puddle sloshing!) for a quick smile ~ Piper, Brooklyn, Hadley, & Savannah.

Both Asher & Bryndel got some Grandpa love.

Piper & Grandpa were busy tossing snowballs into the lake, but took a quick time out to smile for me.
And at the end of the evening, the older 5 disappeared upstairs for quite a while... making up some 'great' game where they kicked their heels on the wall while upside down (likely leaving just a few heel prints behind!).

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I hadn't realized what a 'magical' seventh month this has been for Bryndel, until I started putting it all down in the blog this week.  Wow!  Between learning to sit by herself, actually swallowing food, babbling (dadadada), getting one (almost two now!) teeth, and scooting - whew!  And after nearly two months of attempting to eat real food, Bryndel is finally crazy about something.  Blueberries!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And... she's off!

Shortly after Kyle arrived home from the office tonight, Bryndel got her 'scoot' on!  (Isn't that the cutest little baby plank you've ever seen?) When I laid her down to sleep less than an hour later, she immediately flipped herself over and planked/scooted her way to the bars of her crib.  Watch out, Bryndel is on the move!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thinking Spring

Today's gorgeous 45 degree weather had us thinking spring!  Bryndel certainly enjoyed taking it all in while she sat wide eyed in her stroller.
Piper was all smiles after she ditched her winter jacket for a vest, and took her coaster car up & down the sidewalk.
And Hadley was just plain giddy, as she jump roped and hopscotched while intermittently eating the remaining snow.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pillow Day!

'Pillow Day' has, finally, arrived at our house!  Sound weird?  Have a look at Hadley's Pillow Day, she was 6.5 months...
Piper was not quite 6 months (she had a good 'base', if you know what I mean, ha!).  

And Bryndel (pictured below, that is Piper's happy face on the left) is 7.5 months.  To be fair, she probably has the teeniest base of the three. And while these are kinda dorky photos, they are some of my absolute favorites! It marks their first steps of independence, and you can see the excitement written right on their sweet little faces.

And if you happen to have superman strength eyesight, you would be able to see her first teeny glimmer of a tooth! It popped through just yesterday, and only seems to be bothering her a little bit.   

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Flashback

This was Hadley's first Easter, back in 2007, she was almost 5 months old.

This was Piper's first Easter, in 2009, she was about 8 months old (and was nearly 'strangled' by Hadley, in her excitement to hold Piper, hehe).

And this is Bryndel's first Easter. Hadley is happy to report, that she is better at holding a baby sister this time around!

Easter 2013

We celebrated Easter in MN with lots of special family this weekend!  And it was a wonderful way to usher in the first of the 'spring' weather.

While the girls thoroughly enjoyed running with Grandma, Grandpa, & Daddy outside, Bryndel enjoyed her first real walk with fresh air.
Bryndel also really enjoyed meeting and snuggling with Oma & Opa; as well as: Great Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Joan, Great Aunt LeAnne & Uncle Dan, Great Uncle Mark & Aunt Sandy, and my dear cousin, Lindsay.  She got so excited about all of the new people, that she danced-wiggled in my arms for much of the evening. 
Hadley & Brooklyn
Easter morning - more cousin playingI think its safe to say that Kenzie enjoyed her 'ride' from Hadley & Piper.
Sporting Easter hats, the littlest cousin buddies were happy to see each other again.
Asher 1, Jeremiah 5, Kenzie 2, Piper 4, Cylas 6 mos, Brooklyn 7, Bryndel 7 months, Hadley 6, & Savannah 3.  What a crowd!!!