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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Fun

The girls have been busy with all kinds of fun, as we sail into February.  Hadley & Piper celebrated Catholic Schools week with 'Crazy Hat' day.
And followed that up with a snow day!  They had a play-doh bakery most of the afternoon wearing their 'Snow Much Fun' shirts :)

And then they've been playing some ball!  That's Piper with the glasses and determined brow.
And number 4, Piper, going for a shot!
Happy Piper finishing up another fun game.
Hadley's coach has had to miss a couple games, and much to her delight Kyle has stepped in to help. She is number 5 in the white jersey (but can also be picked out by those legs :)

Learning to be a fighter!

And last weekend, the girls had a very special cheering section for their games - Auntie Kim & Auntie Kara!

Piper has had a pretty special week so far... she celebrated her half birthday with dolphin snacks on Monday, and the 100th day of school on Tuesday with a special shirt. The assignment was to glue 100 of something onto a shirt. She & Hadley ate a lot of pistachios to make up that shirt!