Sisters, friends, blessed.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

New School Year

They were off yesterday morning to 5th grade, 3rd grade, and one final year of preschool! All smiles :)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Black Hills Family Vacation

We spent an incredible week in the Black Hills. Incredible in both beauty and family time. What a blessing!

DAY ONE: We traveled 7 hours today, an Anderson family record! The drive was passed while listening to our first family audiobook;  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We stayed in Oacoma, SD along the Missouri river just for the night.

DAY TWO: We were up with the sun today, and took in the 1880's Town before progressing into Badlands National Park.

We were in awe of God's beauty right from the start!

DAY THREE: After a restful night in a quaint little mountainside cabin, we headed straight to Custer State Park to see what we could find along the wildlife loop. Once again, we were amazed by God's creation. We spotted many animals, but were probably most impressed with the buffalo crossing the road right next to our truck!

After a little recharge at the cabin, we headed to Mount Rushmore that evening and were thoroughly impressed.

DAY FOUR: We attempted another Anderson Family first this morning; we hiked to the peak of a mountain! And not just any mountain either, Black Elk formerly known as Harney Peak is thee highest point in all of SD! There were not many kids at all, needless to say Bryndel was by far and away the smallest hiker out there that day, but she did it!! We all reached the summit, about 3.5 miles up and were once again so blessed by God's artistry.

About halfway up!
We made it!! For me, this was the highlight of our trip. Exactly one year ago that day, was my last hug from Dad. It felt extra special to be so close to heaven and that blue bird sky. God is good.

Hadley truly seemed at home up there, we did wish we had a leash on her at times though! No fear!
Piper discovered she maybe wasn't all that fond of heights, but was an excellent motivator in our group!
And Bryndel, was Bryndel. Sweet & sassy at the same time. (Taking a snack break on the way down.)

The last 2/3 of the way down, Bryndel happily rode in Kyle's pack.

We finished out the day by winding through Needles and Iron Moutain Highways, and marveling once again at the majesty of God's earth.

DAY FIVE: We all slept in today, and after that serious hike we were a bit sore too! We found a little coffee, mini golf, and then made our way into Storybook Island (which had not changed since I was a kid!).

DAY SIX: We took one last spin through Custer and were rewarded with some attention from the wild burros. From there we found our way down to Wind Cave National Park.

We finished out the day with a relaxing outdoor  meal in Custer before heading back to pack up for the next morning.
DAY SIX & SEVEN: Time to drive back. This time our overnight accommodation happened to be at Grandma's!! And, what a perfect way to end our vacation.
In addition to priceless family time, it was so special to watch and appreciate the uniqueness of each of our girls.
The girl has dramatic flair,

and adventurous spirit
pouring out of her. What a blessing she is.

This girl has gentleness,
cautious strength & courage from deep within,

and love pouring out of her. What a blessing she is.

This girl has tenacity,

adventurous moxie,
and spunk pouring out of her. What a blessing she is.


What a blessed way to end our summer!