Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

We had a great visit from Auntie Bev before the holiday weekend even began. We always enjoy having her stay with us!
With the weekend temperatures forecasted to be in the mid-upper 90s, the only logical place was at Grammie's lake!

We squeezed a lot in! From swimming to dilly bars, celebrating Grandma Joan's 80th birthday, visiting Opa in the rehabilitation home, and even letting Grandma chauffeur us in Grandpie's boat! It was some great cousin time.

Thee best way to usher in summer! Thanks, Grandma :)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

End of an Era

Yesterday marked the end of an era of sorts. We no longer have any preschoolers in the house! Bryndel finished out at Noah's Ark, and is officially a kindergartner.  She couldn't be more thrilled!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Auntie Kara Adventure

Auntie Kara joined us for the day on Saturday, and we made an adventure out of it! From Hadley's volleyball game, to the sculpture tour, coffee & lunch out, the farmer's market, and a few greenhouses. It was a great adventure!

Grandma Field Trip

Bryndel & I met Grandma in the Twin Cities for the day. Bryndel determined that it was kind of like a field trip with Grandma :) Great fun was had by all!


We have a left handed softball player in this family, and is she ever fun to watch! Piper's first game of the season was played in chilly 50 degree weather, while it POURED!! Even though she was chilled to the bone, she finished with that beautiful smile on her face. Her second game was a great night for ball, but the game ran so late she played under the lights! Despite being 9:15 on a school night, Piper still had that happy smile on her face :) And while Dad isn't in the stands cheering her on with me, I can absolutely feel him smiling down from heaven.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

We made an adventure out of Mother's day this year, and headed down to Perrot State Park for some hiking,  picnicking, and spectacular views.

I am so blessed to be their mom!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Three Littles

Bryndel & I met Grandma, Heidi, Cylas, & Nolan at an indoor park yesterday. The three littlest Graham cousins had BIG fun together :)
Can you feel the joy?

Hard to believe these two will be Kindergartners soon!
We finished the day happily exhausted, sweaty, and very very silly! Such a great day.