Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, January 25, 2016

January Fun

Great time of year for a little snowshoeing!  Bryndel got to sneak out on a school morning, and ride behind us while the big sisters were at school.
She loved it!
Basketball is in full swing for both Hadley & Piper.  Hadley's team had a bye this weekend, but you can see Piper below in the braids and pink under shirt.
She has really been enjoying learning about basketball, and her enthusiasm shows.
And somehow I forgot about this picture, from the first week of January.  Grandma & Grandpa came to surprise Hadley & Piper for their school Christmas concert!  It was a lovely start to January :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's 2016

It was quite the celebration this New Years!  We celebrated Christmas, New Years, and Nolan's golden birthday all in the same weekend!  And the girls could not have been more thrilled to have time with their cousins.  
Started out the weekend right, with some Grampie snuggles.
I think Bryndel wishes Nolan could just fit in her pocket and come home with us :)

Nicely done, birthday boy!
And that definitely earns you a kitchen sink bath, hehe.
Grandma & Grandpa treated all 10 grandkids to Christmas jammies!  Piper (7), Hadley (9), Jeremiah (8), Brooklyn (10), Kenzie (almost 5), Nolan (1), Bryndel (3), Cylas (3), Savannah (6), and Asher (4)
After a morning full of gift opening, testing out the first annual kids secret santa, and playing happily together, some fresh air was in order.

Nothing better than being warmed up by Grandma after playing in the snow.
Or being snuggled by the Christmas tree. 
We have SO much to be thankful for, this year in particular.  And while we were missing parts of our family this weekend, they never ever left our hearts.  We will continue to pray for good health, happiness, and God's grace in the new year.  Love you, Graham Family!