Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, June 20, 2016


We had a 'little bit' of fun over the weekend... Dad threw Mom a surprise 60 (and a half) birthday party on Saturday! Mom was very surprised to say the least, and touched as well.  Next to Mike & Jill's wedding, and Nathan & Heidi's pre-wedding party, the lake has never seen SO. MUCH. FUN!
We didn't want to scare mom with a big SURPRISE, so all 18 of us greeted her in our pajamas and party hats Saturday morning.

The kids beautifully decorated the path out to the party with chalkboard signs.

We used Mom's own bike to welcome guests.
Grandpa, Heidi, Kenzie, Piper & Brooklyn (and Kyle's long arms) hanging a birthday sign and flowers from the trees.

The muscley ice men.
Piper & Nolan helping to fill the wagon with juice boxes.

Little down time with cousins before the party gets started.

Nice, Nathan!
Mom's very first surprise guest, her sister :)
Followed by lots and lots of special surprise guests!

Jazz band playing lakeside, ahhhhh.
While the kids swam, and swam, and swam!

It was such a blessed afternoon filled with all kinds of special people.  All who love Mom.  Happy 60.5, Mom!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Week Off

The girls certainly made the most of their first week off of school!
Hadley & Piper had their first ever piano recital, and played beautifully.
Hadley & Piper also had golf lessons this week, Piper started TBall, and Hadley started learning to help out in the kitchen (she made that Teddy bear Toast!). At the end of the week we spent a lovely morning hiking and picnicking with Cyndy!

Kyle & I went our favorite date of the year - a day touring the local Parade of Homes.
We wrapped the week up with a visit with Grandpa A, and Hayden's graduation party. Summer is off to a pretty great start!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lake Weekend

We had a lovely time at the lake this past weekend! Our friends, the Knudsons, are always such generous hosts, and this time was no different!
After the rain finally gave up Saturday evening, those crazy girls actually went tubing in the barely 60 degree weather!  Followed by fishing off the dock (complete with Hadley falling in, fully clothed, just like last year at their cabin; hehe).  

As you can see, we have a lot in common with this family of three girls!
The sun was shining Sunday morning, and even Bryndel gave tubing a try!  She LOVED it :)

Thanks for the wonderful weekend at your lake, Knudson Family! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

School's Out!

Despite a little bit of intermittent rain, the girls enjoyed another fun filled end of the school year picnic! Piper pictured above with Casey, and below with
And her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Steinke
Hadley with Sydney & Rebecca
And her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Galewski.
An annual school picnic tradition!
I think the littlest sister is just as excited that school is out, so she can have her best buddies at home! Praise God for another great school year (and thank God for summer!).

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sweaty Leader

We had a great Memorial Weekend just the 5 of us! Little hiking, fishing, gardening, and we even got to have Aunt Bev here for a couple nights!
We found a beautiful new place to hike, and somehow Bryndel ended up in the front pretty early on in our hike.  So, Kyle made sure to thank her for being the leader.  Her response, "A sweaty one!"  And, the Sweaty Leader was born.

We spent an afternoon at our friend's beautiful piece of property trying to catch a few fish.
Fish were caught, but not without a little adventure mixed in...  Kyle's first job on the boat was the capture the little mouse that was running circles around our feet! After that it was the usual tangle of kid fishing poles. Two lovely bullheads were caught, thankfully!  And then the motor died when we were the at the far end of the lake. Who knew I could be such a great rower, ha!  The girls loved every minute of it though, as evidenced by their wide grins.  I think they are gamers.

We spent a beautiful morning at the Memorial Day parade, while being ever so thankful for being a part of this great country.  Now, its on to summer!!