Sisters, friends, blessed.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


We finally got the snow the girls have been waiting for, and they have certainly made the most of it! We spent a morning out at the land this week snowshoeing.

We got in a little sledding too, of course.

Monday, December 28, 2015

An Anderson Christmas

The day following Christmas, we headed up north to celebrate with the Anderson family.  Our time was filled with good food, and hugs, and lots of laughs.  We celebrated with Grandpa A at the nursing home first.  We had a little picnic lunch, while the girls got to tell him about basketball and showed him the photos on the new Anderson calendar.

Auntie Kara greeted us with yummy Christmas hot chocolate,  
and Christmas crafts :)
The girls had a blast with their cousins.  And Bryndel was no exception.  She likes to think she's big enough to do everything they do... and tried jumping from the steps and likely sprained her little ankle.  After crawling for a couple days, she's been carefully putting weight on it again.  
Just about 6 months until this cute little couple gets married!!!
Snuggled up and reading with Auntie Kara; doesn't get much better.

We ventured out into the sunshiney snow on Sunday, and tried out Grandma A's backyard sledding hill.  It was a hit!

Merry Christmas, Anderson Family!

Christmas Day 2015

We had a blessed Christmas day full of smiles, and laughs, and joyful giving as we all celebrated God's gift of His son.  
As in the past, the girls found the most joy in the gifts they gave one another. 

And of course, much of the day was spent working on Legos :)
But after lunch, two very special Christmas visitors arrived!  And just in time for a Nerf gun fight, hehe.
We got outside in the afternoon to sip on a cup of coffee and watch the girls try out their new sleds.

We finished out the day with a special Christmas dinner, and a serious card game just us adults (the women won, of course!). 


Christmas Eve

We spent a blessed Christmas Eve at home just the five of us.  Attending a candlelit church service, making a special dinner together, and attempting the first ever 'all three sisters' Christmas sleepover.  

We had to 'pull' Bryndel at about quarter to 10, when we realized no one had fallen asleep yet thanks to her lovely clicking, clapping, and rustling.  Apparently, it was just TOO much fun to be sleeping in the same room as your big sisters.  She is already talking about how she'll be SO quiet next year :)

Before Christmas

Apparently, we've been having so much fun preparing for Christmas, that I've forgotten to add to our blog!  It has been a wonderful, and magical, and blessed Christmas season.  Kyle's festivities began at the office last week, when he got to wear his 'favorite' sweater...

And the girls' festivities started with a special trip out to celebrate Christmas with our good friend, Cyndy!  They were just tickled with the sparkly slippers she gave them (among other delightful gifts, of course), and have been warming their feet in them ever since! 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Tree Day

It was Christmas tree day at our house!! Kyle carefully cut down 4 homegrown trees from the land this past week, and today was decoration day!

Bryndel got her own tree for the first time! She could not have been more pleased.
She did need a little help from her sisters to get the ornaments on more than just the bottom three boughs, hehe.
It was Hadley's year to top our big tree with the star. I wonder how Kyle will lift her three years from now when it's her turn again? We finished out the wonderful day with a cup of hot chocolate. Ahhh, welcome Christmas season!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a lovely Thanksgiving up north with the Andersons! Full of hugs, good food, and lots of thankfulness.

Hadley was highly entertained by Kim's dog, Addie.

We finished out the visit with a some girl shopping! Looking anxiously ahead to celebrating Christmas together soon!