Sisters, friends, blessed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Buck Thanksgiving

It was the BEST kind of holiday Kyle, er we, could possibly ask for, as it was a big buck Thanksgiving!  Just as we were about to set out for Auntie Kim's house to enjoy her delicious Thanksgiving dinner, we got the call... "Big buck down!"  Never mind that dinner was delayed until nearly 7 p.m.; there is no disputing priorities in this family (and Auntie Kim graciously kept things warmed)!  The girls could not have been more thrilled with Daddy's largest slay ever, a beautifully wide 10 point buck scoring in at 130. 

Pictured here with 11 year old neice, Sydney and her awesome buck from this season along with the wisest hunter of the bunch, Kyle's dad.

Jeff & Chelsea (with Ella 3 & Jax 1) were in from California for Thanksgiving as well!  The last time we saw one another, Piper & Ella were just babies.

Admist the slaying (and gutting), we found a little time to head down to Canal Park with the ladies (Grandma A, Auntie Kara, & Auntie Kim) for some shopping.  
And before leaving the Northwoods, we snuck out into the cold drizzle to snatch up a few boughs, branches, berries, and miniature Christmas trees for the girls' bedrooms back home.

We were a rather ridiculous looking crew as we drove into the woods in search of the brightest winter berries and perfectly sized pine trees, but oh did we have fun!  

Monday, November 28, 2011

Minnesota Birthday

The girls and I squeeeezed in a quick trip to Minnesota to celebrate Hadley's birthday before Thanksgiving.  It was a brief (just over 24 hours,) but very fun trip!  It began with a stop at my cousin Katie's house to see big sister Audrey & her brand new baby sister, Cecelia!  The girls had a blast playing with Audrey and peeking at sweet Cece, while Katie & I sat in wonder at how we ever got so lucky!  

Next stop, a surprise visit to our favorite eye doctor!  

Then out to Grammie's for lunch and a quick nap, before heading over to Mike & Jill's to help celebrate Brooklyn's 6th birthday!  Pictured below: Savannah 2, Hadley 5, Piper 3, Brooklyn 6, & Jeremiah 4.

From 'braid' birthday buddies...

To 'Rapunzel' birthday buddies!
Busted! I think I even spy a bit of frosting on the tip of her nose! This is not the first, but the second doll cake that Grandma lovingly made within the last few days! We missed the first one when Hadley was sick, so Grandma just 'whipped-up' another one! Despite arriving in MN on such short notice, both sets of great-grandparents were able to come on out and join in the birthday fun as well!

After a delicious breakfast lovingly prepared by Grandpa the following morning, it was time for a little cake decorating lesson from Grammie. 

We finished up the morning with a great little Nativity project that Grandma had for the girls, before we dashed back to WI to repack the suitcases and get ready for Thanksgiving up North. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change of Plans

The night before Hadley's birthday, Paige brought over a thoughtful gift and some yummy brownies for us to enjoy.  We quickly decided that we probably ought to stick 5 candles in and sing an early Happy Birthday to Hadley. 
And thankfully we did!  While Hadley seemingly enjoyed her birthday right up until dinner time, she ate only two bites of her favorite spaghetti before losing it all over her new birthday dress, the floor, and Kyle.  Poor birthday girl (and Daddy)!

Here she is on her birthday, hours before that fateful dinner, carefully & happily making her birthday crown at preschool.

Kyle, Piper, and I were all invited to join Hadley for part of her school day.  Just as she chose last year, Hadley opted to bring Benelli for a little show & tell on her birthday.  You can see her face just aglow as her classmates sang to her (below).

So while Daddy went on his annual deer hunt up north with his family, the girls and I were homeward bound with the flu.  The most disappointing part was missing out on our annual trip to MN to celebrate Hadley's birthday with both Brooklyn (turning 6) & Savannah (turning 2).  Not to mention meeting my cousin Katie's brand new baby girl, Cece!  Thankfully, Hadley's bout with the flu was very quick, and neither Piper or I have gotten it yet!  We are still crossing our fingers that we might fit a MN trip in here soon to see all of those birthday cousins, and finally let Hadley have a well deserved piece of birthday cake! Until then, eating snow will have to do! 

Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy 5th Birthday, Hadley B!  We could not be more blessed by the journey you've taken us on since becoming parents five years ago today. You've been a fighter with a fancy streak every since you were born, and we've loved every minute of it!  You've grown from that tiny, wailing, five pound, beautiful baby into a tall, strong, and fast little girl who is as beautiful inside & as out.  Thank you for adding such life and laughter to our home, and for being such a helpful and loveable big sister.   

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Hurrah?

The girls and I spent some time outside on Saturday, as Kyle took his bow to the stand one last time.  The weather proved picture perfect for one last hurrah in the crisp, cool fall air.  I am not sure if it was the nip in the air or the time spent with some of their favorite friends earlier that morning, but the girls were extra silly out there and loved every minute of it. 
They found an old used up hand warmer of Kyle's out in the grass, and turned it into some crazy game. Piper was supposed to toss it up to Hadley at the top of the slide. As you might imagine, Piper rarely got it up there, and that was apparently hilarious.

Hadley eventually gave up on Piper's throwing ability, and settled in for a good swing.
But soon came up with yet another 'hand warmer' game, this time involving whipping it at each other.  

And it was apparently, fall on the ground funny.  That's got to be the best kind of funny, huh?

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I spent a couple of days this week in the company of sisters.  Three sets to be exact!  Kyle's sisters Kim & Kara, Kim's daughters Paige & Brooke, and of course Hadley & Piper.  Never having had a sister, I had much to appreciate being in the company of all of them.  As one of the girl's favorite children's author/illustrator wrote in his 1984 book, Sisters (by David McPhail), "This is the story of two sisters, who, in many ways were different... The two sisters were alike in many ways, too... But the way they were most alike was the most special way of all.  Because, you see, those sisters loved each other so very much."  And that, was very evident.

Out for some coffee & treats with the Aunties!  I think its safe to assume they were delicious.

Working on a project with the Aunties and Paige (not pictured) & Brooke, before heading out for dinner together.  I think its also safe to assume that Kyle was one lucky guy with all of those beautiful sisters around him!


We celebrated Kyle's 35th birthday this week!  The girls thoroughly enjoyed playing it up big and special for him, and even ate Asian cuisine that evening so Daddy could have his favorite sushi!  As it turns out, eating stir fry with 'slurpy noodles' (vs. boring rice) with chopsticks makes it much better than at home.  Who knew? 

Ahh, yes.  This would of course mean, that I too have celebrated yet another birthday.  Kyle loves saying that we are both the same age for the couple of weeks that my birthday overlaps with his.  Haha!  Just remember who was in their 'mid thirties' first, hot shot. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

The girls began their Halloween festivities on Sunday while carving pumpkins with Daddy. 

The fun continued on into Monday evening when they got to wear their costumes to dance!  (Pictured with their teacher, Paige, below.)

And finally out to do the much anticipated Trick or Treating!  What a gorgeous fall night too!