Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Biking

Auntie Kara Time

The girls were blessed this week with a visit from Auntie Kara!  They ran around outside, blew bubbles, read with her, went to the park, played games, read with her, picked berries, shopped, read with her, laughed, colored, and did I mention read with her?!  The girls adored having her here, and I think the feeling was mutual :)

Family Wedding

We were honored to be at my 'little' cousin Ben's wedding this past weekendThe girls had a blast running around with all of their MN cousins, as well as meeting many of my special aunts, uncles, & cousins. 
My entire family of 8 adults and 9 kiddos fit into the very last pew of the church!  It was a hoot, but no kidding, the kids were on the edge of their seats adoringly watching Ben & Marie say their vows.

Bryndel was not exactly the quietest baby for a wedding ceremony, but she sure was happy to see her cousin buddy Cylas and get some Grandma & Grandpa hugs!

Hadley & Piper wanted to make sure they got a picture with Audrey.  I feel awful that my one and only picture of the bride & groom is not worthy of even posting, but they were darling!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

We were blessed with a very special kind of resort this year for our family vacation, the best kind in fact... Grandma & Grandpa's lake home!!!  With all of the fun we had there, it comes as no surprise then, that number 10 on our annual TOP TEN list is:

10. Eating ice cream EVERY day~ When asked which the girls preferred this vacation, eating ice cream every day or getting to swim every day, it was a resounding 'swimming!' 
It seems only appropriate that the only picture I have of them eating ice cream is in their swimsuits, ha!

9. Fishing right off the dock~  

Hadley caught this nice 15 inch bass while lying on the dock (not holding her pole) and lazily gazing down at the water.  She actually saw the bass come up and take her bait, thankfully it didn't drag the pole down with it! 

8. Taking the pontoon out for dinner~ We drove Grandma & Grandpa's pontoon over to the lake's restaurant 3 different times during our stay. Everyone but Bryndel loved the ride (not to mention eating out).

Bryndel did her best to take it all in while being squished into her life jacket.


7. Swimming EVERY day~ 
It was more than fun having a pool ALL to ourselves, and we certainly made the most of it!  The very best part of the week for Hadley, was learning how to go under the water!  Grandpa sprinkled just a few coins for inspiration.

As usual, Piper was a super duper encourager of her big sister, and was happy to float around or throw a ball over the net to one of us while Hadley dove.  Bryndel thoroughly enjoyed the bath like temperatures of Grandma & Grandpa's pool!

6. Sister love~ There were THREE Anderson sisters to love on this vacation, and while most of the bonding happened between the two older ones, Bryndel was hot on their trail.

'Let me onto that screened in porch too!'
'ENOUGH pictures, I want my mom!' That might be one of my very favorite pictures I've managed to capture, hehe. 
3a. Extra Hadley time~ It is always extra special to be able to love on your kids when both you & your spouse are there.  It somehow makes it sweeter, and definitely more funny! We love our Hadley girl.
The fisher girl,
the smore's girl,
the Daddy's girl,
the underwater girl,
and the Happy Hadley girl who always finds time to stop and smell the roses.

3b. Extra Piper time~ We love our Piper girl.
The smiley girl,
the increasingly braver girl (last year she was afraid of any kind of animal that could bite her!),
the still not wanting to touch my baby sister's 'slimey' hand for a picture girl (hehe),
the strong girl,

and the giggly blond pixie girl who knows how to snuggle like no one else (as long as you are not slimey).

3c. Extra Bryndel time~ We love our Bryndel girl. 
The mama's girl,

the expressive girl (SO excited about seeing pigs),

the mischief maker girl (those are Grandma's shoes, everywhere),

the sweet, sweet nap girl,

the happiest baby girl you ever did see, and the perfect culmination to our family.
2. The resort~ Staying at Grandma & Grandpa's 'resort' was nothing short of magical this past week.  We are SO thankful and grateful that they asked us to 'watch their house, gather the mail, and water their flowers', ha!  Hadley's favorite part of being at their home was, 'Getting all of that money underwater!'

Piper's favorite part was, 'Swimming with a mouse (we really did!), riding on the pontoon, and swimming with Had."
And by the time the week was over, I think Bryndel thought we lived there!  She loved it all :)

1. Family time~ Our first family vacation the FIVE of us, and it could not have been more idyllic.

Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!  We love you!!!