Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Weather Weekend!

We got to spend the first 'spring weather' weekend up North with the Anderson crew, and we took full advantage of all that warm sunshine! 
Bryndel just loved all of the Grandma & Grandpa A attention :)
These cousins always find something fun to do together!
Bryndel sure had a thing for that funny Ava this weekend :)

Once we'd had lunch and gotten Bryndel down for her nap, we headed outdoors for that sunshine! Uncle Kraig took us on a great snowmobile ride through the woods to get us back to the sledding hill.  That's Sydney, Kraig & Kara on the snowmobile and Hadley, Piper & Ava on the back, ha!
This is what they looked like trudging up the hill the first time (Ava, Piper, Sydney, Kara, & Hadley)...

And this is what they looked like the next time! Fifty degrees feels pretty amazing, even in the WI snow.
We sent these two yahoos down the hill in the 'bathtub' first; it was hilarious to say the least.  
As always, it was an adventurous and delightful weekend up North with the Andersons!  We look forward to less snow and more mud (or manure for Uncle Kraig to slide in) next time.  Love you all!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break Week

Our much 'deserved' (everyone deserves a spring break in MN & WI ), highly anticipated, jam packed with fun activities spring break week turned into...sick break week instead :(. Absolutely everything fun on our list for the week (e.g; play date, sports center, musuem, indoor park, visit to Grandma & Grandpa A's) was either postponed or just plain cancelled thanks to a raging ear infection (Hadley), sinus infection (Piper), and several mild cases of the flu (all of us). Our house was a bit of a war zone to say the least. When someone was finally healthy, another little soldier was suddenly fallen. And just when you thought you could reopen that schedule and make a last ditch effort to squeeze in some fun, someone would get sick again.  For the love!!! This is a photo from last Sunday;  the piles of kleenex make me snort with laughter everytime.
And on one of the in between 'I think I'm better days' Bryndel ' s big sisters did this to her.

While frustrating and even a little bit sad, we are ever so thankful that none of it was serious and that everyone seems to be nearly mended! Here's to an AWESOME spring!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014


After a wee bit of arm twisting (the old gymnast twisting the chiropractor's arm :) Hadley & Piper began gymnastics at the start of the new year.  While it comes to a close this week, as we make room for the start of swimming lessons, they have absolutely LOVED it.  And so have I... the smell of bare feet mixed with chalk, the twirl of a colorful leotard on the beam, having an awesome indoor activity to run some energy off during the coldest winter yet, but I have also appreciated watching both of the girls' personalities shine through in this new venture.  Hadley... quick to smile, anxious to be first, and fast through the motions; in other words a little heedless but happy.  Piper... little apprehensive, eyes & ears wide open, and trying to do exactly what the coach says; in other words very focused but happy to be there too.

And Bryndel has had a glimpse of what's to come... eating snacks and trying to sit quiet in Mom's lap while watching her big sisters :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Love

The girls were treated to a weekend of Grandma & Grandpa love!  From start to finish the smiles were large, the laughter was silly, and love was definitely shared.


This 'on the move' photo of Grandma & Bryndel reminded me of one I took years back of Hadley & Grandma.  (Hadley and Bryndel are nearly the same age in the photos.)

Lots of silliness in the basement to wear off the long school week.
Grandma & Grandpa are always game for anything, and we are so blessed by that!

Onto sledding the following day! Due to Bryndel's extreme dislike for "Ba ba's" big furry beaver hat, he bravely donned one of Kyle's hats, hehe.  
As she suited up for the sledding adventure, Piper put on a tight fitting hat, her face mask, her sweatshirt hood, her white hat, and finally her jacket hood.  Translation: Piper does not enjoy snow in the face. (She did pop the hoods off when she realized how warm the sunshine really was.)

Thanks SO much for the special visit, Grandma & Grandpa!  We love you!