Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anderson Family Love

We were blessed with a long three day weekend up north with Kyle's family; some members came all they way in from Alaska!  It was pretty special to say the least.  We began the weekend with some great basketball; Hayden's game Friday evening, and Ava's game Saturday morning.  Her cheering section below...

Her biggest fans :). 

Grandpa A got just a 'few' smiley visitors over the weekend, at his new nursing home. I think the staff may have been a little surprised at just how big (and loud), and joyful his family is! 
Brooke, Kennedy, Anne, & Kim

Bryndel, Sydney, Hadley, Kara, Brooke, Ava, Piper, & Annie 
Piper & Kennedy
 Kara & Ava

Three hooligan brothers :)
All of the present cousins: Paige, Piper, Kennedy, Hadley, Sydney, Bryndel, Brooke, Hayden & Ava (Missing Brent, Tyler, & Cole up in Alaska, and their lovely wives Cali & Bethany)
And this is what it looks like when you are the newbie on the block... That is Paige's fiancee, Luke, who was made to lie across the back of everyone, hehe.

Kyle & Kim working in the kitchen together.

Brooke, Kara, & Bryndel 
Kennedy & Sydney, who are both about a month or so away from turning 15!
All 6 siblings together :)
Hadley was near tears when she realized that we were going to leave town without visiting any animals.  Never mind that the whole weekend was subzero temperatures!  Uncle Frank happily showed us his new calf, and saved the day.
Little Auntie Anne love; man we wish she (& Uncle Kurt) lived closer!
Our last stop before heading home, was a lunch date with Grandpa A, who was very happy to see those three smiling sisters.  Thanks for the special weekend, Anderson Family!  We love you!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Basketball Hugs

Grandma and Grandpa came for the weekend to catch a little basketball action and and lay some hugs on us!  Both were much appreciated :)  

Little Simon Says before the game.
Thumb wrestling too.
That's our Hadley girl with the ball.

And this is what your face looks like after you've made a basket!  Thanks for coming, Grandma & Grandpa, we LOVED it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Helper

Bryndel was my 'helper' today while shoveling the driveway. She was entertained by her own tiny shovel for all of 3 minutes while zig-zagging the driveway, and then proceeded to face plant herself in any fluffy pile of snow she could find. To eat it, of course :)
As I was finishing up I noticed she was trying to make something in the snow. "It's bacon, Mama, lick lick lick." I pushed my shovel closer to admire her bacon, and she said, "Don't shovel me, Mama, that be weird."