Sisters, friends, blessed.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crazy or Funny?

As in all households filled with small children, or children of any age really, each week is an adventure in and of itself.  This week at our house was no exception.  Strictly for the sake of remembering these crazy albeit funny moments someday, especially in my fog of post-partum hormones these days, I'll try to 'jot' them down here.  And who am I kidding, also for the sake of making a few of them actually feel humorous after the fact! 

~Piper described in detail one afternoon as I picked her up from preschool, how she pointed out to the teacher (otherwise known as tattling!) that so & so started eating their snack before praying.  And how another so & so brought the wrong kind of snack.  Etc. 

~Hadley worked hard all week to not do 'something' each morning before school, and was able to fill out her reward chart and shop for her desired prize on Friday!  Guess what started again Saturday morning?  

~I got mastitis for the 4th time in Bryndel's short 5 weeks of life.  Insert a not very nice word here.

~ Piper kissed Bryndel this week for the first time!  

~The backyard clothesline was used to the max this week.  Bow hunting season is upon us, and our hunter has a rather large collection of hunting gear that has to have just the right scent come September.

~Hadley woke Kyle up at 4:15 a.m. one morning this week insisting that her tooth HAD to come out right now!!!  We quietly explained that we do not pull teeth in the middle of the night, but that we'd help her first thing in the morning.  At 4:30 a.m. she was back with tears, and Kyle quickly took care of that bothersome (in many ways) tooth.  She was rather miffed two hours later when she awoke to realize the toothfairy had not come!

~Piper told me quietly one morning this week, just as she did the first week of school, that, 'She keeps hearing Hadley, Hadley, Hadley in her head.'  She said it with sadness in her voice, as only a sister can when she misses her best buddy.   

~Thankfully, Hadley had her first day off of school on Friday, and the two best buddies were able to play ALL day with each other!  This included arguing, laughing, building a fort, making leaf projects, playing out in the cool morning air, and dressing themselves exactly alike!

 ~Ahh, yes.  And Bryndel smiled!!!  At 5.5 weeks, she just woke up one morning this week and decided to grace us with her beautiful gummy smile.  We have seen it a few times since, and we look forward to even more times this coming week.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Showered with Love

We were showered with love this morning.  My 3 girls and I, that is.  We traveled to our dear friend, Emilee's this morning for a delicious brunch and time spent with some of my very favorite women. All in honor of Bryndel's birth!  I am still overwhelmed with all of their love.  What a blessing!  {Becca and Liz's daughter, Natalie with us}
Leslie & Erin
Becca, Rylee & her mom Breanna, Mandi, & Emilee

Addison & her mom, Liz
My faithful & excited helpers...
Hadley was quick to model one of Bryndel's new headbands!
Rylee's turn to hold Bryndel.

Thanks Emilee & Mandi, for hosting such a wonderful shower! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Split Weekend

This past weekend we had our first 'split' weekend, meaning that Kyle & the Big Sisters went one direction while Bryndel & I holed up at home to snuggle.  The girls had a great time up North with Kyle's family, and I only got a little lonesome at home without the talking members of my family, ha!
Hadley, Ava, & Piper cheering on cousin Tyler (from Alaska) as he now plays FB for a college in MN!
Tyler's rather large fan section!

Ahh, home at last, and very happy to see each other!
Bryndel actually fell asleep looking up at Kyle that night, apparently she missed him as well!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Month

Wow!  Bryndel is a whole month old today - weighing in at 9;0 lbs & measuring 22 inches - Yippee!  Here are a few things that she has learned...

Sometimes Mom lets me fall asleep on her, and I love it!
Hadley & Piper are the BEST!  Hadley loves to talk & read to me in the mornings before she leaves for school, and Piper likes to talk to me while I get my diaper changed.

Napping in my carseat on the way to & from school is really cozy!

I think its funny to be content all day long, but get really fussy in the evenings when Daddy is home. And man, does he ever grow a lot of tomatoes!!
It makes my mom really happy when I sleep well at night!
It was far more traumatic for my mom to see me have my tongue (lingual frenulum) clipped than it was for me.  It was no big deal, Mom!  Now I can eat much better too.

And today, exactly one month after I was born, my cousin Cylas Jonah Graham, was born to my Uncle Nathan & Auntie Heidi early this morning!!!  God is good :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Weekend

This past weekend Kyle wisked the girls away for some bow hunting time with buddies Randy & Blake, while Bryndel & I got some much needed rest time.
And on Sunday, we had the pleasure of having visitors from MN!  Nathan, Heidi (8+ months pregnant & darling), and Kenzie popped in to bring us a meal and some hugs!

What?  All 4 Anderson girls in one picture?  Yep, Piper has been warming to the idea of being photographed with Bryndel now that she spends so much time with her while Hadley is off at school.  I think she'd even admit to enjoying being by her baby sister :)
Little Miss Bryn or Bryndie as Piper calls her, or Sweet Girl or even Bryndely as Hadley calls her, at 3 weeks and oh so sweet!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

The first day of Preschool & Kindergarten have arrived!
Piper started preschool yesterday for just half of the time, and LOVED her 'practice' time there with Daddy.  
Showing off her frog backpack she got from Uncle Nathan & Auntie Heidi years ago, that she can finally use for school!
Both of them SO excited that Pipey gets to go to 'Hadley's' preschool :)
And this morning, was thee very first day of Kindergarten!  Can you see her excitement!!
Super cute in her little uniform clothes too.
And we are pleased to report that her first drop off went beautifully (Yah, God)!  Hadley hugged us, and then marched right on in to her classroom to get started for the day!  We, Piper & I (and Bryndel), are VERY anxious to pick her up in a couple hours!  

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Help

Help has come in all shapes and sizes over the past 2 weeks, and we are ever SO thankful for all of it!  First & foremost my husband has been thee best father of 3 daughters anyone could imagine :)  God knew that another little girl would benefit from a Daddy like this.

Then we need to thank our Paige for stepping in and taking such good care of Hadley & Piper while I was in the hospital and Kyle continued to see patients. She also made us our first meal home from the hospital! {Thanks to Auntie Kim & Auntie Kara for making their shopping day into a Hadley & Piper day as well.  They looooved all of your time & attention.}

Since coming home, we've had a steady stream of friends and neighbors bringing us meals, and other amazing friends taking the Big Sisters for a morning at the park or on a fun playdate. Not to mention thoughtful gifts sent through the mail arriving what seems like daily. 

And last but not least, we'd like to thank my parents for making countless  trips over making the Big Sisters feel just as special as that new baby sister.  We even got Grandma for 3 whole days of love, good cooking, and priceless support.  There's nothing a girl wants more after a new baby than her own mom :) 
The girls also spent 2 days with Grammie & Grampie at their lake home this weekend. And enjoyed every moment of their special attention.  They picked Grandpa's grapes, went boating, went out to eat, and even got some swimming in!