Sisters, friends, blessed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kenzie Weekend

So, we were spoiled this last weekend with some extra Kenzie love!  Her mom & dad wisked off for a warm vacation just the two of them, much like Kyle & I earlier this month, and Kenzie got to have some extra Grandma & Grandpa love just like Hadley & Piper did!  We just kind of snuck on down to MN so that we'd get in on the action too.  While there, we also got to have a wonderful evening with Mike & family as well as Nathan & Heidi before they took off for the Caribbean. 
Hadley spent much of the weekend reading to, playing with, and giggling at Kenz. Here she is playing teacher to Kenzie before they are even out of their jammies :)
Little reading time with Grammie too.
Piper, not to be left out on the Grandma action.
Hmmm.  Need I say more than red neck?  Grandpa, in the beaver hat, along with Kyle, in the fox hat, were out on the ice most of Saturday watching the progress of my dad's ice house being rescued from the depths of the lake. 
And you can always count on Grandma to get those babies their very first ice cream cone as soon as they are 'of age!'  I am not sure what Kenzie liked more though, the ice cream or watching her buddies eat theirs along with her!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Kyle & I spent six days down in Cancun last week, celebrating our 10 (plus now) years of marriage by relaxing on the white sand beaches of Mexico.  And it was Nothing. Short. of Amazing.  From the adventures we had at Xcerat...

We swam in underground rivers, saw tropical animals & plants, and were enriched in much Mayan and Mexican culture.  And as always, my husband continued to to prove that he is a 5 year old in a 35 year old body! (Just one of the many reasons I married him :)

To lots of sand volleyball along the ocean for Kyle (he's the sandy one in the red trunks).  I thoughtfully left out the picture I have of him playing with a group of Brazilians, of which the women really were wearing the type of swimsuits we have come to associate with their country's name!

To evenings out just the two of us.  Ahhhh.  This particular evening we ate at an outdoor resturant that was right on the ocean, and is frequented by crocodiles!

And finally, endless hours on the beach.  Enjoying the warmth of sun, and laughter, and thoroughly enjoying a friendship that is 10+ year in the making.

And to top it off, the girls were back home having a blast with Grandma & Grandpa 'from MN' and Paige.   Truly, what a blessing!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's 2012

We spent a fun filled weekend up North with Kyle's family celebrating Christmas & the New Year. The girls got lots of playing & snuggles in, and thoroughly enjoyed their time with everyone.

As usual, Piper was the one doing most of the snuggling.  Thankfully, she had lots of loving arms that happily obliged... Uncle Frank (above), Paige (left), and Auntie Kim (below).

The girls had some hilarious adventures with Sydney & Ava as well. In some sort of fort below, that Hadley later told me, "Piper kept knocking it over by accident, Mom, but Sydney always fixed it for her."  Nice big cousin! 

Hadley & Ava running through the mats now, purposely knocking everything over with their crazy little bodies.

Time out for some homemade ice cream!

Hadley was thrilled to realize that her and Brooke were braid buddies on New Year's Eve!
Even got in some playtime with Great Aunt Bev.  It was a wonderful weekend, and the perfect way to usher in the new year!