Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Iowa or Bust!

We traveled down to Iowa this past weekend to spend time with Mikey & his family! It was a blast!! This is at the start of the 6 hour drive.... I think they were excited!
The drive went really smoothly, and before we knew it we were hugging cousins!

Bryndel has been asking for weeks, "Is it Dayamiah (Jeremiah) time yet?"

Everyone made the best out of two very rainy days, and found oodles of fun just playing games indoors together.

Anxiously waiting at the hotel Saturday morning to head back over to the cousins!

Uncle Mike gave Hadley & Piper quite the impressive tour of his job.

We capped off the weekend with a little swimming party back at the hotel.  It felt a little funny swimming in a pool other than Grandma & Grandpa's, but they seemed to do just fine :)

We stopped for a little ice cream once we hit the WI border on our way back home Sunday.  Sure was a special weekend!  Love you, Iowa Grahams!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fun Filled Weekend

We spent a fun filled weekend in MN while the turkey hunters camped out at our house. We started out by taking Friday morning to climb all over an indoor park in the Twin Cities.  It had been on the spring break bucket list, but had to be postponed when Piper got sick. Turned out to be the perfect morning to go, as there were hardly any other kids inside but the three Anderson sisters!
And, YES, you are not seeing things... Piper got glasses this past week!  (Just act surprised if you see us in person! She wants to tell people herself :)

We were greeted by a very excited set of grandparents who got right down to business playing!
Grandma tightened up a few of Hadley's summer skorts, while giving a sewing lesson.
Grandpa was Grandpa :)  Which means heedless and happy like Hadley.
And Piper got to try out those new glasses while putting a jigsaw puzzle together with Grandma.

We spent Saturday morning shopping for new books and new shoes!  What's better than that?  Before making a stop to visit Oma recovering from her recent knee surgery.  It sure was great to see her and Opa!

We spent the afternoon having a reading party on the porch before the Graham cousins arrived.

SO fun to have hammock weather again!
Sweet little Nolan is 3.5 months now!

And cute little Kenzie insisted on fishing.  She & Piper partnered up.
Hadley & Cy.
And Bryndel & Grampie.  No fish, but lots of fun.  Thanks for the really special weekend!

We were greeted back home by some turkeys :) ~Kraig, Hayden and his bird, Sydney, & Kyle

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Weekend

We enjoyed an afternoon at a local farm this weekend.  Sun shining, sisters laughing, cheeks smiling, and just being together :)
Can you just feel how much Hadley enjoyed this day? 
These crazy little goats were all over the place, but Hadley carefully scooped them up giving each one a little love.
And who is this kid holding animals???  Piper held chicks, lambs, and even a goat!  And had a determined smile on her face the whole time. 
She told me it was so warm, it felt like it had gone to the bathroom on her, hehe.  Thankfully, it had not!
And Bryndel was amused and a little frightened by it all, but was especially impressed with those tiny cheeping chicks.

It was a great family day!  Praise God for spring!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We spent a fun filled weekend in WI for Easter this year with all of the Andersons.  And while it was quite chilly, we found plenty of fun indoor and even outdoor activities!  We started by celebrating Ava's actual 9th birthday with her.

Followed by an exceptional outdoor Easter egg hunt put on by Auntie Kara and her 'bunny helper' Sydney :)
And then ventured on over to Uncle Frank's farm to take a peek at his new little brindled calf!  
Bryndel was happier to just snuggle Auntie Kara :)

Alleluia, Easter morning!

We had a lovely Easter brunch out with Grandpa A and the rest of the Anderson crew before heading back home. (We spent time with Auntie Kim and her family, as well as Uncle Kraig & Auntie Anne too, even though there aren't any photos of them - next time!)