Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We spent a beautiful and fun filled Easter Weekend in MN getting in as many hugs as we could! Before leaving we were treated to a few 'turkeys' staying with us...  Sydney, Hayden with his big bird, & Kraig.  The girls were thrilled we hadn't left for MN yet when they came back to skin out the bird :).
Our first stop in MN was a trip to Dr.Graham's office.  While we were really there for Hadley, Bryndel did not want to be left out and Nathan happily obliged.
After our eye exams, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's for dinner with both sets of great grandparents!
On Saturday Bryndel was thrilled to have 'BaBa' all to herself; while the rest of us girls headed in to have some special time with my 'sister' cousin Katie!

This was our first time seeing her sweet, Waylon, and his cuteness did not disappoint!
The girls got right down to the business of coloring with Audrey & Cece!
We did a wee bit of shoe shopping after that...
After an adventure at the fish hatchery with Grandpa & Kyle, the girls were great helpers in the kitchen, thanks to Grandma's patience!

Kenzie & Cylas arrived that afternoon ready to play!

These two little buddies hugged until they tipped right over, hehe!
Then it was on to the egg hunt!  Bryndel was especially pleased with the eggs that held chocolate and could care less about the ones with money (good girl!).

Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful, just like these sweet faces.  What a blessing.

Nice.  Thanks for teaching Bryndel to lick rocks, Grandpa!  
It was a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating God's amazing sacrifice and reminding all of us where our real treasure lies.  We missed Mike & Jill's family more than words could express, but we know we'll all be together again soon.  Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You really ought to give Iowa a try!

As I drove down through the beautiful bluffs (and cheese factories, oh my!) of Southern Wisconsin and crossed over into the endless fields of opportunity known only as Iowa, I couldn't help but sing a couple lines from the 'Music Man.'  Only too fitting, as it was Michael and I who happily danced and sang our way through that musical (20 years ago!), and now he and his family are setting up residence right there in River City.  Well, not River City exactly, but I can assure you the only trouble with a capital T rhymed with C and stood for climbing to the third floor of their new apartment with all of the boxes!  It was one energetic crew though... can you see the excitement on Brooklyn, Jeremiah, Savannah, and Asher's faces!

Brooklyn got right down to the business of making a potholder for their new apartmentAnd Jeremiah quickly found some of his favorite toys in boxes.

When Savannah wasn't knocking on the new neighbor lady's door to pet her cat, she was helping carry boxes right off the moving truck and up all 3 flights of stairs.
EVERYONE took full advantage of some extra Grandma & Grandpa love.

And Asher did great as long as he had his blankie, Grandma or Grandpa, or was within eye sight of his Mommy.
It was such a pleasure to be a part of your first night in Iowa, Mikey and family!  We will be praying that your first week deserves a 76 trombone salute all the while dancing the Shi-poo-piAnd I'll be replaying my good bye hug over and over until I see you again.  Love you!