Sisters, friends, blessed.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweatin' It Out!

Despite the near 100 degree humidity, we ventured over to Como Zoo today where we met up with none other than... Grandma & Grandpa!  They were such troopers to bear the sweaty weather and join us for an adventure!

Bryndel was interested in it all, but especially loved watching the animals from Grandma's arms.
After sweating through the outdoor animal exhibits, we slipped inside for a cool lunch, before heading into the gardens for a beautiful but sweaty indoor adventure, ha!

The flowers inside were nothing short of amazing, but believe or not, the heat was even more stifling than outside!

Needless to say, by the end of the animal & garden tours, Bryndel was wiped...
We had such a wonderful time, Grandma & Grandpa!  Thanks for sweating it out with us!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


As we pulled into our Land this afternoon and spied Kyle's food plots (for the deer), Hadley immediately said, "Its glorious, Dad!"  
That's because she had finally laid eyes on Kyle's first ever sunflower field (for the deer), and it really was glorious.

Bryndel is a champ at sniffing flowers, and was in her glory with all of them surrounding her!

This was the first time we'd let Hadley actually stand up and hold Bryndi, and I think it was a hit all the way around - Hadley was tickled, Bryndel thought it was kind of funny, and no one slimed Piper.
Never mind that it was noon, 95 degrees, humid, buggy, directly in the sun, and technically for the deer!  It was still glorious.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

TWO Bikers

Exactly two weeks to the day, we've got TWO bikers in the house!!  Nothing like big sister inspiration/motivation!  
This was the best I could do for a picture at first. (While trying to pull Bryndel behind me in the stroller, give Piper a little start, & snap a picture all at the same time, hehe.)

When Kyle got home last night, I had an extra set of hands, and got some great pictures of her rosy cheeks & bright eyes full of pride!

We had a little fun with Kyle when he got home for supper last night.  I usually keep his dinner warming on the stove, but we put a plate in his place at the table and covered it with a bowl.  Hadley & Piper gleefully told him we'd been keeping his dinner warm at the table instead.  He happily pulled off the bowl, only to find... training wheels!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Bryndel is ONE!

Smiling at her is automatic.
Often a serious little thing.
But pleased by everything
Expressive too!
Bryndel, we love you!  And are so honored and blessed to have had you in our lives for a whole year now.  We are constantly praising God for you. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Graham Fam 2013

We were at the Lake this weekend for the much anticipated annual Graham Family Vacation! As usual, it was wrapped in sunshine, laughter, and blessings. 
This is my very favorite picture from the whole weekend.  The look on Mom's face says it all.  It was pure joy having all of her 'babies' home.  

After the quick and painless annual professional photo shoot, it was time to lounge with Grandpa & cousin buddies!

Lounging lasted all of 5 minutes for most of them, including Hadley, who was determined to climb that rope to reach Grandpa's 5 dollar bill at the top!
Then on inside to celebrate Piper's birthday (and Bryndel's) with Oma, Opa, & Grandpa Jerry as well.  Grandma made that beautiful 'throwback' cake for the girls!  (she perfected it for Michael, Nathan, & me as kids)

I love how Jeremiah is helping blow the candles out, and Kenzie was singing, "Happy Birthday dear Piper and Kenzie!"
Bryndel... could NOT get enough!  She loooooved Grandma's cake!
Saturday morning's sunshine called for a nice leisurely walk all 17 of us.
What little buddies.
This one melts my heart.  Savannah was often heard asking, "Where is my friend with the glasses?"  Hadley :)
And look how these two have grown!  They were a riot to watch together.
Saturday's sunshine also called for SWIMMING!  
Hadley practiced her first ever cannon balls!

Nap/quiet time brought a much needed cup of coffee and adult time.
The women relaxed while the men showed off trying to play a mean game of 'cups' in the lake.
After naps the older kiddos tried tubing for the first time, before we headed across the lake for dinner.  The kids could have played in the sand all evening while we listened to the live music.

Grammie snuggles were plentiful.
Bryndel really enjoyed both her Uncle Mike & Uncle Nathan.

We finished out the night with the perfect lakeside bonfire just the 8 of us adults. 
~ Cylas 11 mos, Kenzie 2.5, Jeremiah 6, Piper 5, Savannah 3.75, Brooklyn 7.75, Hadley 6.75, Asher almost 2, and Bryndel 1 ~
(and weird)