Sisters, friends, blessed.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

We finally got the big snowfall the girls have been hoping for!  Thick, wet, beautiful snow blanketed our yard while we slept last night, even cancelling all of the local schools.  Hadley & Piper didn't waste any time getting out in it this morning building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and eating lots of the white fluffy stuff. 

We were out building the snowman family shortly after 8, but our clothes were soaked from the falling sleet just an hour later!  Barely back inside, we watched in dismay as the mother snowman tipped right over as we sipped our hot chocolate.  Hadley thought the Mama's tummy must have been too heavy with the baby inside :).  She followed that up by very seriously asking, "Will you tip over a lot, Mama, when your tummy gets bigger?"  I assured her that I will not (let's hope not anyway!). 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hidden Snow

We managed to find a bit of hidden snow left out there this morning!  The girls went down with us a few times first, but as Piper said, "Going with your sister is FUN!"
Making their way back up the hill...

Not for long though, time for a little snow munching first.

How are those blue eyes related to me again?

Hadley, the ever outdoorsman, convinced us all to hike through the woods looking for 'deer habitat.'  Wonder who she sounds like?  Piper found some old trees to climb.

Hadley, having already climbed the tree with Kyle, was off finding her own way to hang out.
Um, this is what happens when you eat dirty snow. 

Homeward bound together.  What great & lucky little buddies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Feet

Yep.We.Are.  Surprised? YES.  Blessed?  MOST definitely!!  And we have not one but two big 'sisters' this time around who are quite excited about it all! 

Oohing & aahing over the beautiful carrot (my favorite!) cake my dear college friend, Sara, sent us in congratulations!  Moments after the picture was taken, ten little fingers were quietly sneaking bits of frosting!
Modeling the shirts they helped make to reveal our big surprise to both sides of the family!  The added excitement from our families & friends has really helped the girls transition into this crazy but exciting expansion of our family.  We were grateful for all of their whoops, hollers, & hugs :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warm Cozy Towels

The girls and I were looking back over old photo albums the other day, and I realized that we have some pretty cute & cozy after bath towel pictures of when they were snuggly babies but none as of late.  They, of course, insisted on having pictures taken in their favorite animal towels.  Hadley is a bit of a mad cow.

And Piper is a quiet monkey, for the moment. Nothing better than a hot bath followed by some blankie snuggling, in Piper's eyes.  And naturally the thumb, no matter how pruny, still goes with it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Northern Sledding

We spent a brief but very fun weekend up North with Kyle's family.  The highlight for the girls was sledding with Auntie Kara & cousins Sydney and Ava!  Grandma & Grandpa A have just enough packed down slippery snow left, that the sledding was quite entertaining to say the least.

Piper, not quite sure what to think after her first run.  The first hill we tried was truly full of moguls. So much so, that our chiropractor was not real fond of it! It was also so speedy that we had to place rugs at the bottom as a barricade before the creek!

Grandma & Grandpa A observing all of the fun from the deck above .
Hadley, Ava, Sydney, & Piper taking a quick break before venturing on to the next hill.

Hadley was determined that no sleds were required for this one!  Your own snowpants were more than enough to 'enjoy' this steep hill.

Sydney with some flair! Apparently that little Ava was too quick for my camera, as every picture I have of her flying down this hill is blurry!

Kyle couldn't be left out.
And I think that is a bit of fear on Piper's face!  She did go again, but first in the safety of Kyle's arms, and finally with her eyes squeezed shut!
Whew.  Those are the rosiest winter cheeks I've seen in a long time!  By the time we hit the 3rd and final hill, the jackets were ditched because we'd all gotten so warm!

We'd anticipated having another fun day with cousins on Sunday, but Hadley woke up sick and we had to get her on the road right away.  We've since been up to our ears in dirty ucky laundry, but are happy to say the pukes have gone away! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sledding Fun

Despite the beautifully warm winter weather we've been having, we did make it out to the land recently, to get a bit of sledding done before all of the snow is gone!  Kyle even threw together the perfect little bonfire right there in the snow, and we all enjoyed a toasted marshmallow between rides down the hill.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012