Sisters, friends, blessed.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Farm Weekend

We spent a beautiful fall weekend up on the farm with Kyle's family. Vaccinating cows is practically like Christmas to Hadley, ha (Grandpa A might agree)! And as usual, Sydney & Ava were so helpful and kind to share their animals and farm knowledge with our city girls :).
Ava, Hadley, & Piper 'hanging' out with Grandpa A while Uncle Frank, Kyle, and Uncle Kraig (pictured below) did the vaccinating. 

Bryndel enjoyed it as long as someone special was holding her.

Great day for everyone!  Even though I somehow managed to miss a photo of Grandma A, she was back at the house keeping everyone very well fed :).
After helping vaccinate, Kara was quick to get back and bake pumpkin cookies with her little buddy, Bryndel. 

On Sunday, the girls 'helped' Auntie Kara take down all of Grandma A's flowers and shrubs for the winter.

Thanks for the beautiful & fun-filled weekend! Love you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Fall Weekend

Wisconsin could not have had a more idyllic fall weekend.  It was truly beautiful!  Even the girls were ranting about how beautiful the blue sky was and how fresh the fallen leaves smelled.  We made sure to spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying all of God's beauty. We hit a pumpkin patch just the 5 of us on Saturday, and after gobbling up some enormous caramel apples we hopped on a hayride...
Followed by visiting a lot of animals!  Piper had the privilege of having Corduroy Bear join us for the weekend.  Each Kindergartner gets a chance to have him home for a few days. She'll get to tell about his adventures later this week :)

As usual, Hadley could have spent ALL day with the animals.  And talked non-stop on the way home about which animals she's going to have on her farm someday :)
Piper & Corduroy were pretty brave this year too!
Bryndel did hold a few animals, but was more interested in darting off without Mom or Dad's hand!!  Not to worry, she can't fool me!

We finished out the weekend by celebrating my birthday and checking out our church's brand new Prayer Trail through the woods.  It was so alive with color, it took our breath away!  God is so cool.  (And pretty impressive that Kyle's arms are long enough he can take a 5 person selfie, ha!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014


You know it is fall when... 
You get to pick out mums (with a little 'helper' who runs very fast!),
Daddy brings home a 300 pound pumpkin,

And it becomes hat season again!