Sisters, friends, blessed.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break Week

The girls had this past week off from school. And while it started out a little shakey with Piper being sick, we wound up finding lots of ways to have fun!
'Big' and 'Little' spent lots of time snuggling while Piper got better. 
Once Piper was better, we spent time baking in the kitchen making: blueberry cake bread, cloud bread, strawberry fruit roll ups, and oatmeal carrot cake cookies. And even had a 'special kitchen guest' Cyndy, help us out with the cookies one morning!
We also spent some time outside taking in a little fresh air (between snows!) with Kyle.

'Middle' and 'Little' had fun swinging together.

And, according to Kyle, spring break week would not be complete unless you'd spent some time out at the land :)  Here are 'Big' and 'Middle' out enjoying a cup of hot cocoa while Kyle planted more trees.  Now that we've actually had 'spring' break, isn't it time that spring made its appearance?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cousin Weekend

We were blessed with a beautiful spring weekend in MN. We started the weekend out right, by celebrating Opa's 85th birthday!!

And of course, the next bit of excitement was seeing how big baby Nolan had gotten since we last saw him on the day he was born!


Hadley was anxious to get her hands on that sweet baby! I think he enjoyed her as well :)
And just for fun, this was Hadley with Kenzie at nearly the same age as Nolan.  Also, pictured below...

These two are so sweet to one another.

Climbing buddies.
Grandpa was a big help with the girls' Pinewood Derby cars. The race is later this week with the American Heritage Girls group.

Thanks for the really fun weekend, Grandma & Grandpa!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Dells 2015

It was time again for our second annual winter trip to the Dells, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa A's Christmas present.  And the girls could NOT have been more excited!!
Much to Hadley's surprise and delight, Piper tried ALL of the slides this year!!  (Last year, Piper was only brave enough to try one slide.) They did more slides than you could even count, and loved every minute of it.  They were most often seen running off together for the next slide holding hands :)

Kyle was with them every step of the way.
Bryndel found parts of the waterpark she enjoyed as well. 

She probably most enjoyed sitting on the edge of the wave pool and letting the water run up and over her cute little legs.

And, we made sure to adhere to the strict Anderson Family Vacation rules: eat ice cream every day :)  I think its safe to say, we had a howling good time at the Great Wolf Lodge!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Y Ball

As Hadley's first season of Y basketball comes to a close, we can only smile thinking about it.  It was so. much. fun. watching her out there!  
With the encouragement and guidance of two very patient coaches, Hadley made progress every single time she went out there.

Hard to tell from the picture, but this kid did not run from one end of the court to the other... she skipped!!  Seriously, happiness exuded from her even on the court.  
She really made strides in her defensive play, intimidating the other team enough to start backing away from her incessant bird arms!

This may not have been the most aggressive or talented team out there, but they were definitely the most polite and kind :)  Always smiling and cheering for one another.
Bernie, Coach Jenny, Malia, Hadley, Coach Jeff, Terese, Ashley, Emilie, & Kara
Way to go, Hadley!  

Mystery Reader Weekend

Just as Hadley did in Kindergarten, Piper was treated to a little Mystery Reader surprise this past weekend... Grandma & Grandpa came to her classroom to read!  How special!  I'm not sure who had more fun :)
Both of Piper's sisters were also surprised to have Grandma & Grandpa for the whole weekend, and got right down to the business of reading together.

More reading Saturday morning! As well as a little snuggling and even some card playing before heading off to Hadley's last basketball game. 

We finished out the weekend with a little snowshoeing at the land, followed by an evening at our church. 

These two yahoos slid so fast down the hill, they had to bail at the end to avoid the cliff!

How cute are they!?!

Thanks for such a special weekend, Grandma & Grandpa!

We slipped out early Sunday morning for a trip up to see Grandpa A!
Kyle had fun sharing some old camping, hunting, & fishing photos with his family. 
The girls enjoyed crafting with Auntie Kara, and getting some good hugs in :)

Hard to tell from this photo, but Bryndel is sporting a pretty good looking rug burned Rudolph nose thanks to a brave attempt she made at climbing out of her crib Saturday afternoon!! Thankfully, just her nose and pride were hurt.  We hope to keep her in the crib until her 3rd birthday like we did with Hadley & Piper, but we'll keep a good eye/ear on it!