Sisters, friends, blessed.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wilderness Walk

We spent the day at one of Hadley's very favorite places - Wilderness Walk.  She carefully loaded her little purse with quarters ahead of time, and used all 19 of them to feed as many different kinds of animals as she could :) The surprise of the day came from Piper though, who also enjoyed feeding some of the animals!! Bryndel was thrilled to see all of the animals,  but was not quite so sure of most of them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fairyland Morning

We spent a lovely morning out at 'Fariyland' Park this week.  Hadley & Piper were thrilled to show Bryndel all of their favorite places to hike while there, and Bryndel was pleased as punch to run along behind them :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Mornin' at the Beach

We spent the morning at the beach this past weekend soaking up the sand and a few little peeks of sun.  The girls had a blast!

Can't summer last forever???

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sisters in the Summer

It has been a really special summer, watching these sweet little sisters learn to play with one another.  Sure, there are days that Hadley & Piper close themselves up in one of their bedrooms to set up Legos or make bracelets.  But more and more as the summer has progressed they've found ways to include their littlest sister as well.  And n.o.t.h.i.n.g. seems to make my heart sing more than hearing all 3 of their sweet little voices playing together :).  Some days its your typical 'house', other days its 3 chicks who live on the couch, or 3 firefighting bunnies who ride their coaster cars to fires, or today it was 3 cows who make stew to sell to other people.  Hehe.  Their imagination seems to know no bounds, and it is priceless to watch.  I am blessed.  And, so are they.

She's thinking, and WHY do I have to stand in this bush, Mom???  Seconds later, she was in the garden snatching tomatoes...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Bryndel is TWO today!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Bryndel is one expressive little thing.  Not really a girl of many words just yet, but she can definitely make herself known!  These are a few of our favorite 'words' she uses at age two...

"Hadee" = Hadley
"Pa pa" = Piper
"Ahb dee" = ice cream, hehe
"Nee um nee um" = milk
"Nahnee" = Me (as in herself, I do it, mine, etc.)
"Wawee" = water
"Bop pee" = Grandpa
"Da" = Grandma
"A" = Grandma & Grandpa A
"Ta ta" = Kara
"Uppee" = up
"Boo boo" = blueberries
"Dood dood" = good
"Toe toe" = cold (please put my favorite sweatshirt on!)
"Day day" = thank you (after everything, the girl is polite!)

We are awfully glad God brought you into our family, Bryndel!  Happy TWO!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Graham Family Weekend 2014

The last time these sweet little cousins were all together, they were bundled up and racing down the bobsled track onto the frozen lake!  Needless to say, there were a lot of hugs to begin the annual Graham Family Vacation Weekend! 

The kids did great with the professional photo shoot thanks to Grandma & Grandpa's fun lakeside props!

After photos and dinner, we sang a very Happy Birthday to Bryndel & Piper along with both sets of Great-Grandparents!  
We woke Saturday morning to thick fog covering the lake, but Grandpa was full of tricks - water balloons and super squirt guns for everyone!

Grandma was there for every wet hug she could get :)

And, finally... into the pool! 

Plenty of jumping, splashing, squirting, and laughing by all!

We boated on over to Westwood for dinner all 17 of us.  Grandpa had just a few 'drivers' along the way, while the rest of us had a rockin' dance party!
The kids dug right in at the beachside restaurant and scooped alongside one another all evening.  

We finished Sunday out with a little more swimming, and A LOT more hugs.  It was a perfect weekend.  Perfectly crazy, and perfectly lovely.  Love you all!