Sisters, friends, blessed.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We were honored with a very special visit from my grandparents today! Oma & Opa began coming for a Fall visit when Hadley was just little, and have been coming every year since to spend a day just playing with us.  The girls loved every minute of their special attention & love. 
Trying out the new and fun 'color forms' they brought with them.

Reading a hunting story with Opa.

We snuck in Oma's 79th birthday celebration too, even though it was really last week (click here to see last year's birthday).

Then on out to enjoy the peeks of sunshine between the bursts of rain & sleet.  Oma & Opa had no idea they were going to have a chalk portrait drawn of them today (thanks to Hadley!)...
'Opa & Oma with a leaf between them.'

Thank you SO much for coming, we loved it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Practice Run

The girls got to take a practice run at trick or treating today!  We joined our friends the Rislers at a fun little Halloween adventure for kids this morning at a nearby pumpkin patch, costumes and all.  The girls had a blast with Blake & Bennett!  And Piper got a little taste of what Halloween is like if you are not so sure of costumed people (scarecrows in particular!).  We have a purple sparkly fairy & and a ladybug this year along with their buddies Spiderman & a zebra! 

Little Hunters

Kyle took both little hunters out to the land this past week to his new double tree stand to try 'their hand' at bow hunting!  In case you were wondering how three can possibly be safe in a tree, Piper told anyone who would listen that, "Daddy can only take one beauty at a time."  Simple as that.  Hadley went on a pretty cold and blustery evening, but absolutely LOVED it.  They were able to see at least six different deer, a few of which ran right in front of their stand!

Piper's evening was thankfully sunny, warm, and beautiful, as I am not sure she would have fared the wind quite as well as big sis.  Piper also adored being up in the tree with Daddy, and was able to see, "A daddy buck, a mother doe, and a bebe fawn!"  

I believe that this is likely just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between father & daughters and the outdoors.  What a blessing!

Grammie Love

Grammie came for a very special over-night visit this past week! There was much laughter, snuggles, books read, playing, and crafts done.  We loved it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Tradition

It has become a treasured fall tradition to have Nathan & Heidi come for a weekend in October, and this year Kenzie got to be a part as well!

Uncle Nathan was full of entertaining games, that were not only fun for the girls, but hilarious for Kenzie to watch (they are chasing after race cars).
Apparently he's an entertaining reader as well!
We spent Saturday afternoon taking in the Leine's Tour despite the incredible wind.

And brought Kenzie over to check out the nearby animal park.  She may have been a little disappointed that she couldn't touch (or 'pat') the tigers like she could Benelli back at our house.
We capped off the evening with the perfect little bonfire.
Where Kyle thoroughly entertained the girls with his silliness.
There was still enough time this morning to read & play in our jammies before they had to head back to MN.

We were so blessed to have them here, and especially to have added sweet little Kenzie (Hadley's name for her) to our special fall tradition. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall in Wisconsin

We hit one of our favorite parks   (last week, before those vests became ridiculous in this incredible Indian Summer we are having!) to take in the best of Fall in Wisconsin.  And it did not disappoint...

Then we met our dear friend, Cyndy, at a pumpkin patch earlier this week to further the fall fun.  Hadley especially loved feeding the animals, and Piper 'helped' Cyndy pick out her pumpkins.

We also hiked & picnicked with Kyle on his morning off this week, at our favorite spot down at 'Fairyland Park.' 

Hadley also took us on her first field trip of the school year. We went to a lovely local apple orchard where we got to take a hayride out and pick our own apples with all of her preschool classmates.

This is how field trips make Piper feel :)
And to end our nearly two weeks of appreciating Fall in Wisconsin, we met Grandma & Grandpa at a quaint and darling little pumpkin/tree farm south of here for the day (while Kyle was at a seminar in Las Vegas).   

Hadley spent the day loving on the animals as much as she possibly could, and trying out every maze and hay bale that she could climb in or on or even under.

Piper, on the other hand, stayed near Grammie playing quietly or was happily riding around in Grampie's arms.

These past two weeks of AMAZING fall weather have been nothing short of a gift.  We know the frost & snowflakes and hats & mittens are inevitably on their way, but this beautiful Wisconsin Fall has seemingly made even the prospect of winter not quite so dreaded.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Self Portrait

Piper drew the first picture of herself this past week, and just as Hadley did when she drew her first self portrait {click here to see it}, it happened right out front on our driveway carefully constructed with love, self motivation, determination, and chalk. 

The real Piper.
The chalk Piper :)
Hadley joined in the fun, and drew a super cute likeness of she and her sister.  My favorite part is Piper's curly hair!
Paige came for dinner that night, and was lucky enough to have Piper sketch a likness of her.  She especially liked her really long legs!  (Piper's name, so nicely written below, is something she decided to learn a couple weeks ago, and is found written on just about anything around our house now!)